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John Hagee

Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church

Pastor John C. Hagee leads a thriving community of over 22,000 believers at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, he extends his influence beyond church walls. As the author of 43 significant books, including the New York Times Best Sellers List feature “Four Blood Moons,” Pastor Hagee’s impact reaches far and wide.

Experience his insights into faith, salvation, and the transformative power of the Gospel on “John Hagee Today,” available daily on TBN and the TBN App. His ministry has a global and intergenerational mission: to share God’s word.

With over 60 years in gospel ministry and a lineage of pastors, Pastor Hagee’s dedication is evident in initiatives like Cornerstone Christian Schools and Sanctuary of Hope. His passion for education, advocacy, and faith has garnered recognition, including honours for his contributions to Israel’s growth and his pivotal role in the dedication of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Pastor Hagee’s lifetime of faith and service stands as an inspiring legacy.

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