James Robison on Life Today

James Robison

Founder of LIFE Outreach International

Since 1962, James Robison has passionately spread the Gospel, initially through crusade evangelism and, for over 40 years, on television. God called him to ministry at 18, leading to nationwide stadium crusades with over 20 million attendees and 2 million decisions for Christ.

The ministry he founded, LIFE Outreach International, now emphasizes television and mission outreaches, witnessing more people coming to Christ in a single year than in the first two decades of his ministry.

James Robison’s life began in challenging circumstances, born in 1943 in a Houston hospital charity ward. Despite a tumultuous childhood, he found faith through Rev. and Mrs. H.D. Hale. His life took a turn during a visit to the Hales, where Mrs. Hale led him to the Lord. Marrying Betty in 1963, James became a nationally known inspirational leader, addressing millions through citywide crusades and impacting social, religious, and political spheres.

In the 1980s, a spiritual transformation prompted James and Betty to reach beyond their traditional circles, leading them to a ministry of compassion. Their vision evolved into a dynamic television format, featuring diverse personalities and addressing the needs of impoverished children worldwide.

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