Jack Graham on TBN

Jack Graham

Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church

Dr. Jack Graham, currently serves as the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, situated in the vibrant community of Plano, Texas. His commitment to shepherding a thriving congregation is characterized by a deep-rooted passion for sharing the transformative message of faith and fostering spiritual growth among his community members.

In addition to his pastoral duties, Dr. Graham extends his impact beyond the church walls through his role as the host of PowerPoint with Jack Graham. This insightful and inspirational programme is broadcast weekly on TBN. Dr. Graham shares his wealth of theological knowledge, practical wisdom, and compassionate insights, making a meaningful impact on viewers seeking spiritual guidance.

Beyond the pulpit and the television screen, Dr. Jack Graham is recognized for his dedication to community engagement, actively participating in initiatives that promote social welfare, outreach, and compassionate service. His leadership extends to various realms, reflecting a holistic approach to ministry that encompasses spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of life.

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