Gregg Donaldson at Leading Lights

Gregg Donaldson

Founder of Leading Lights Network

Gregg Donaldson hosts Leading Lights, teaching and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ on TBN UK for many years.

Lighthouse Church, started in 2009 during a prayer session on a park bench, it embodies a vision for a new Church in Jersey. Initially gathering in a rented community hall with minimal resources, the founders were driven by a profound desire to manifest God’s love to the island and beyond. Despite humble beginnings, people from diverse backgrounds joined, sensing a shared destiny and a deep awareness of God’s immense love.

From those modest origins, Lighthouse has expanded, outgrowing venues and multiplying into various congregations. The original passion remains unwavering and has, in fact, intensified over time. Through “Leading Lights Network,” The outreach has extended globally, aiding ordinary individuals in establishing small groups and churches. The journey continues, aligned with the Great Commission to “make disciples of all nations.”

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