Gregg Donaldson on a white background

Gregg Donaldson

Founder of Leading Lights Network

Gregg Donaldson hosts Leading Lights, and has been teaching and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ on TBN UK for many years.

Gregg and his wife Bronwyn are Church planters and Pastors who love starting and leading Churches, and equipping ordinary people to do great things for God. Originally from Zimbabwe, Gregg and Bronwyn have lived and been involved in ministry in 5 different countries over the past 30 years. They have 3 grown children, and they love sport, music, and seeing people experience God in new ways every single day of their lives.

Lighthouse Church in Jersey, the Channel Islands, was born out of a vision and prophetic word when Gregg was still in Zimbabwe. God said He wanted to raise up a Lighthouse for the nations, and He would use anyone who was willing to do it. Upon arriving in Jersey, Gregg discovered that God had been preparing the way there with prophetic words, and a small, passionate group of prayer warriors who had been praying for God’s “Lighthouse”, and for the nations, for over 20 years.
The Church meets in two locations on Sundays, and is a vibrant, growing, multicultural family of outward looking believers who live to see God’s Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetime.

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