Gloria Gaither on Precious Memories

Gloria Gaither

For over five decades, Bill and Gloria Gaither have united their passion for merging art and theology, leaving an enduring mark on gospel music and beyond. With a catalogue of over 700 songs, award-winning recordings, and timeless musicals, their impact spans generations. They host “Precious Memories” on TBN and many a concert including “All Heaven and Nature Sing”.

Gloria, a literature enthusiast, has published over 40 books, contributed to academic journals on John Steinbeck, and led the vision for Homecoming Magazine. Recognized with Grammy Awards and Dove Awards, they were named ASCAP’s Christian Songwriters of the Century in 2000 and inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

Gloria, an advocate for song writing education, holds Honorary Doctorates from eight universities. Despite their professional achievements, the Gaithers cherish their roles as parents and grandparents above all else. Gloria, now a blogger, continues to write and speak, emphasizing the eternal value in every moment.