Father Cedric Pisegna

Father Cedric Pisegna

Founder of Fr. Cedric Ministries

Centered on the transformative Gospel of Jesus Christ, Fr. Cedric captures the essence of the “New Evangelization” advocated by the late Pope John Paul II.

In his roles as a preacher, writer, and television producer, Fr. Cedric is committed to facilitating a personal encounter with Jesus and spreading awareness of the enduring riches of the Holy Spirit. The core of his message revolves around the salvation and new life emanating from the Cross of Jesus.

Fr. Cedric Ministries, a Roman Catholic endeavor, is devoted to spreading the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many individuals as possible, aiming for profound impact. While rooted in Catholic beliefs, the ministry extends its outreach to people of all faiths and those yet to embrace faith in Jesus.

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