Erick Stakelbeck is the News Director for TBN

Erick Stakelbeck

News Director at TBN

Erick Stakelbeck is the News Director at TBN, reaching over 100 million homes in the U.S. and countless more globally.

He delivers daily news briefs and prime-time specials on TBN, in addition to hosting “The Watchman” show. This weekly national newsmagazine zeroes in on Israel, the Middle East, and their impact on Americans.

Erick also brings “The Watchman Newscast” to viewers every weekday on YouTube, where he’s amassed nearly 700,000 subscribers.

With two decades of experience, Erick has delved deep into Middle East and national security issues, journeying to the region, sitting down with world leaders and convicted terrorists, and spotlighting the dangers facing America and the wider free world.