The Chosen UK Premiere
Elizabeth Tabish who plays Mary Magdalene in The Chosen

Elizabeth Tabish

Elizabeth Tabish is renowned for her portrayal of Mary Magdalene in “The Chosen.” We hear from Elizabeth about portraying this incredible role while at The Chosen: UK Premiere, showcasing season 4.

She holds an M.A. in Theatre and a B.A. in Screen Studies. She shifted from acting in commercials and independent films to directing her own projects in Austin, TX. Her short films, characterized by female protagonists and a 1960-70’s genre film aesthetic, have earned her numerous awards, including Best Short Film (US) at the 2019 BLOW-UP International Arthouse Filmfest Chicago. Elizabeth co-founded The Arthouse Film Festival and serves as its Art Director. With a notable impact on and off-screen, she continues to shape the industry.