Tania Harris at a desk

Dr Tania Harris

Pastor, Speaker, Author, Practical Theologian

Dr Tania Harris is a pastor, speaker, author, practical theologian and the founding director of God Conversations. She has hosted episodes of “Fit For Purpose” and “God Conversations”, and has been a guest on “TBN Meets”.

Tania is a versatile figure encompassing roles as a pastor, speaker, author, practical theologian, and the visionary leader of God Conversations, a global ministry devoted to empowering individuals in recognizing and responding to God’s voice.

With a rich background as a church planter, pastor, and lecturer, Tania’s influence spans across the globe, bridging various traditions and age groups. Her insights are widely recognized, as she is a sought-after presence on radio and television.

Tania extends her expertise by offering consultation and training to ministers, focusing on Spirit-led discipleship and the creation of church environments conducive to experiencing God’s voice. Her academic journey, including a PhD, academic publications, and books like ‘God Conversations’ and ‘The Church who Hears God’s Voice,’ aims to equip individuals to discern the Holy Spirit within the context of their local church.

Tania holds an ordained ministerial position with the Australian Christian Churches and calls Sydney, Australia her home.