Cynthia Garrett on The Session sofa

Cynthia Garrett

TV personality, Speaker, Author, Actress

Cynthia teaches women how to navigate life with faith and is deeply passionate about the influence of media on shaping a generation. Her dynamic show, “The Sessions with Cynthia Garrett”, is broadcast on TBN UK and TBN worldwide.

Focusing on candid discussions about real women’s issues, Cynthia imparts godly wisdom on crucial topics relevant to women today. These include inner healing of the heart and soul, identity, authenticity, family, dating, marriage, overcoming abuse, forgiveness, and matters related to intimacy.

Through her television program and a media ministry uniquely anointed for the contemporary era, Cynthia Garrett Ministries provides tools and resources to empower women to live their lives with Jesus at the core of everything.

Cynthia often says, “The Sessions is not just another talk-show; it’s a walk-show,” encouraging women to take tangible steps in their faith journey.