Betty Robison on Life Today

Betty Robison

Betty Robison is host of “Life Today” on TBN alongside her husband James. Together they are the founders of LIFE Outreach International, reaching out to the lost through love and compassion.

In the 1980s, a spiritual transformation prompted James and Betty to reach beyond their traditional circles, leading them to a ministry of compassion. Their vision evolved into a dynamic television format, featuring diverse personalities and addressing the needs of impoverished children worldwide.

Guided by the Lord, James and Betty embarked on a compassion-focused ministry, addressing the practical needs of the world’s most vulnerable while spreading the Gospel. In the early 1990s, this vision evolved into a unique television format where they engaged with diverse personalities, including dynamic speakers, sports figures, politicians, entertainers, and everyday individuals. Concurrently, they advocated for reaching impoverished children by providing essential necessities like food, clean water, shelter, clothing, medical care, and, crucially, the love of Christ.

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