Archbishop Doye Agama on stage

Archbishop Doyé Agama

Founder of the Apostolic Pastoral Congress

Archbishop Agama is the is the founder of Apostolic Pastoral Congress. He hosts Africa, Christianity and the Bible, narrating the tale of the continent spanning from the Book of Genesis to contemporary Pentecostal revivals.

Born in England during the mid-1950s, Archbishop Doyé Teido Agama is a prominent figure in the Pentecostal Holiness Movement, known for his leadership of the Christian Way of Life network of churches. In addition to his spiritual leadership, he also serves as a Business Consultant and Life Coach. Archbishop Agama’s multi-faceted talents include authoring more than 10 books covering subjects such as Management, Church History, and Personal Spiritual Development. Furthermore, he is a sought-after Event Speaker and a recording artist.