The Chosen UK Premiere
Alaa Safi - Simon Z on The Chosen: UK Premiere

Alaa Safi


Alaa Safi, born and raised in France to Moroccan parents, began practicing martial arts at the age of seven, eventually becoming the Taekwondo World Champion at 18. His martial arts prowess led him to work as a stuntman in Thailand, India, and France. After studying acting at the “Atelier International de Théâtre Blanche Salant & Paul Weaver,” he transitioned into roles that showcased his diverse talents, marking a journey from martial arts excellence to stunt work and ultimately to a successful acting career.

Simon the Zealot, portrayed with depth and authenticity by Alaa Safi in “The Chosen,” undergoes a transformative journey from a fervent Zealot to an apostle empowered by a profound understanding of truth and love. In the series, viewers witness the maturation of Simon as he evolves into a key figure in spreading the gospel to all nations.

We hear from Alaa Safi about portraying this incredible role while at The Chosen: UK Premiere showcasing season 4.