Join our new Grow with TBN UK platform!


You’re invited to be part of our new community for Christians to learn, share, and grow together. Introducing Grow with TBNUK…

Living God’s way in the modern age is hard and without Christian brothers and sisters close at hand, it’s near impossible. Grow welcomes in an online community of passionate Christians who are thirsty to hear from God, to give Him back the time, space, and discipline to grow into who we’re being called to be.

We want to offer a new way to interact with online social platforms, with a focus on the right things. Instead of doom-scrolling, we’ll be scrolling through inspiring scripture, interactive Bible workshops, community discussions and much more. We’re especially excited about our step-by-step courses which will be available to work through at everyone’s preferred pace. There’ll be videos, teaching, and questions to support us in stepping up and stepping out in life.

We’re learning together, sharing stories and experiences, building relationships, practicing new
habits, new structures, and accountability.

  • Walk the Christian journey together
  • Enjoy online courses
  • Network with Christians near you
  • Special TBNUK offers and events

Life is full of different seasons. Sometimes we find ourselves in drought, being pruned – or basking in the sunshine and flourishing. Wherever you find yourself, join us as we Grow together: